Exhibitor Information

35th Annual Norfolk Area Home & Garden Show March 20 – 22, 2020

Norfolk Area Home and Garden Show information for Exhibitors

Location: The Home and Garden Show will be held at the Northeast Community College Chuck Pohlman Agriculture Complex located at the corner of Benjamin Avenue and Highway 35, Norfolk NE.

Dates: March 20, 21, 22, 2020

Times: Friday 5-9pm; Saturday 10am – 6pm; Sunday 11 am – 4 pm

Please check in for you vendor packet prior to set up. Any contracts that are not signed will be signed prior to set. Vendor tags will be printed upon arrival – please have your list of workers to hand in.

Vendor Setup
Move-in: Thursday, March 19 beginning at 8am until 8pm.  The NECC constructions students will not be available to assist with the move in until Friday at 8 am. North overhead door to close at NOON on Thursday. South admission doors will open at 5pm to the public on Friday.

Parking and unloading is not allowed on the South side of the complex. The front (South) Doors will be locked and will not open until show time at 5pm Friday. Please park all vehicles to the North and East side of the Ag Complex. NO EXCEPTIONS. You will be asked to move. NECC Construction students will be available to help you unload at the doors and get moved in and will be available at the North and East entrances only.

Yard Signs
Company yard signs for exhibitors only will be displayed on the street as you approach the complex. Please bring your sign inside and the committee will place the signs outside. The committee or NECC is not responsible for your sign if it is stolen or damaged in anyway.

Doors to the Ag Complex will be locked each night. Valuables should not be left in the booths unguarded at any time. Exhibitors are encouraged to lock up or remove small valuables in the booth each night.

Hospitality Room
Will be available to exhibitors and workers only. Coffee, water, rolls, bagels and fruit will be available Saturday and Sunday morning. Along with a few additional treats.

Food Services
The concession stand is located in the southeast corner of the Ag Complex and is a fundraiser for the NECC construction students. They will have a variety of foods for lunches, suppers and snacks.

Vendor Lanyards
Will be printed on site this year during setup and will be available through Friday night. Please have your workers names ready for your booth. First name and company name is all that is needed.

Builder Bucks
$750 dollars will be given away in 10 builder bucks for $75 to be spent back to a vendor of the show. This year we will be administer this a little differently. We will inform you of all the steps and answer any questions at check-in.

Vendors can WIN up to $225 off your booth for next year
and current members could win the same or Builder Bucks – here is how!
The Norfolk Area Home Builders Association would like to make an effort to add more Home Builders members to the Norfolk Area Home Show. Currently of the 115 vendors we have close to 40 members involved in the show. We would like to give a little enticement to our vendors to become members by the social on Saturday night. We will include a membership application in your packet, information on how to become a member and if you fill out the form, include a check or credit card number we will be drawing new member for ½ a booth for next year or up to $225 off. If a current member involved the show sponsors a new member by Saturday night – that member also qualifies for ½ of a booth for 2020 Home Show or up to $200 in builder bucks. An added benefit -as a member of the Norfolk Area Home Builders Association – you do receive a $90 Discount on your total booth price just by being a member!

Saturday Night Networking
Supper, drinks and a live band for entertainment will be held at a board member residence heated shed immediately following the closure of the show on Saturday night. Maps and information will be in your booth packets. The social is a great way to get to know other vendors, the Norfolk Area Home Builders Association members and board.

We had a great response to the sponsorships for the show! Please take time to thank our sponsors!

Move in Move Out

Move-in is not permitted through the main (south) doors at all. Please use the North and East doors. Exhibitor vehicles and worker vehicles will be parked on the North side only. The committee would like to keep the parking close to the building for our attendees. ALL 10’ x 10’ single booths must be MOVED OUT NO LATER THAN Sunday at 7 pm unless other arrangements are made with committee approval. All bulk exhibits must be moved out by noon on Monday. As a service to exhibitors, students from the NECC Construction Class will be available to help with move in and move out. There will be no charge for this service. FINE FOR EARLY MOVE-OUT: Any exhibitor moving out prior to 4 p.m. March 24 will forfeit their right to participate in next year Home Show. Keep in mind the public has paid to see all the exhibits up and speak with vendors until 4 pm on Sunday. This will be strictly enforced. Aisles: Exhibitor’s MUST REMAIN INSIDE ALLOTTED RENTAL SPACE.

ALL vendors and workers will not be allowed to park in the attendee parking lot (south side). Please park all vehicles on the North side of the Ag Complex. If the parking lot to the North is full you can park in the East parking lot. No vehicles with advertising will be parking in the attendees’ parking lot at any time. If vendor vehicles or trailers are in the attendee parking lot you will be asked to move

There will be 120 Volt electric power available to all booths. You will need to bring your own extension cords. Tables for rent at the Ag Complex for $10 includes two chairs.

Norfolk Area Home Builders will furnish pipe and draped booths. Sides will be 36” in height. Back drape 8’ high. Signage CANNOT exceed the drapes on all sides of the booths. You will have to furnish your own tables and chairs. All tables are required to be draped. All exposed parts of display partitions must be finished or covered at the exhibitor’s expense so they do not present an unsightly appearance when viewed from adjoining booths or aisles. The space rented is to be returned to its original condition.

1) Loudspeakers and high volume sound equipment are prohibited. Audio video equipment must be restricted in volume so as not to disturb other exhibitors. Management reserves the right to enforce these restrictions at its own discretion, including the use of microphones.
2) Exhibitors may distribute literature and demonstrate products or services in booth confines.

Materials Subject to License/Restriction and Sales Tax: The exhibitor agrees to obtain, at its own expense, any licenses or permits from government bodies which may be required for the operation of its trade or business during the show and to pay all taxes that may be levied as a result of the operation of its trade or business in the space.
Insurance: Exhibitors shall secure and maintain liability insurance, at its own expense and provide a certificate of insurance.

Seminars: Seminars will be Friday, Saturdays and Sunday. 

Thank you and looking forward to another great year!

Norfolk Home Show Committee